"I would highly recommend studying Dutch with Mirko! His class was by far the best I followed during my time in the Netherlands.

Mirko is an excellent teacher who will always make time for your questions, and who offers structured lessons with clear learning objectives. I think the fact he is a non-native speaker himself distinguishes him amongst Dutch teachers because he understands where you are likely to struggle with the grammar and why, and why some sounds are difficult and how to help you to make them.  

What also sets him apart is that he sets the right environment for study from the first lesson - an environment that is friendly and supportive, where you can make mistakes and not feel silly and where you are encouraged, praised and pushed to achieve. Language classes (especially at A1-2 level) can so often be distracted by those few students who don’t actually want to try, but Mirko’s classes avoid this because he has a wonderful way of engaging and motivating everyone. I used to worry about speaking Dutch in public and making mistakes, but Mirko gave me confidence to use Dutch a lot more."

Kate de Smeth, Australia

Mirko Cvetkovic