"I followed the course level A1-A2 with Mirko and I was immediately impressed by his commitment to us students. It was clear from the beginning that he was ambitious for us to make as much progress as possible with our Dutch and this focused approach suited me very well.  I shared the class with about 14 other students and I felt everyone had ample opportunity to be heard and to participate. Our group had a very "gezellig" vibe and I so enjoyed going to the classes every week. 

During this course I felt I gained a much greater understanding and knowledge of sentence structure. This was due, in no small part, to the time spent by Mirko on grammar (which is the backbone to any language). From this knowledge I developed greater confidence to speak in Dutch and took my first steps at using Dutch in social conversation with work colleagues. Up until then I had been limited to simple phrases such as ordering food in restaurants or buying groceries at the market. During our classes we were always given plenty of opportunity to partake in activities engaging us in conversation and thus we enjoyed an active learning environment.

Without hesitation I would recommend following a Dutch language course with Mirko. His classes strike the right balance between grammar and conversation. It is clear that lessons are prepared with specific learning targets in mind and this level of preparation and planning was most appreciated by us, the students.  It is always wonderful to be taught by a committed teacher and I feel that it is this commitment that makes Mirko a stand out teacher." 

Elizabeth Whelan, Ireland

Mirko Cvetkovic