Dutch ReCap ConvO A1+

This conversation course is the right choice for you if:

✓ You recently completed Level 1 or a similar A1 Dutch language course but feel like you need more practice before you start the Level2 (A2) course.
✓ You completed Level 1 or a similar A1 Dutch language course a while ago, had barely any practice since and feel like you need a refreshment course to boost your Dutch.
✓ You did a Level 1 or a similar A1 Dutch language course but due to unforeseen (work) commitments could not complete the course or had to miss a couple of lessons.

Next ReCap Convo Dutch courses

LEVEL 1.5 [A1+]
October 31st to December 5th
Thursday 18.15-20.45


The ReCap Convo Dutch language courses are organised bi-monthly.
The course involves 15 teaching hours divided over 6 weeks.
The lessons take place on Thursday evenings.
The lessons start at 18.15 and end at 20.45.
There is a short break for coffee and tea (coffee/tea provided by TaalBoost).


TaalBoost, Marnixstraat 80, 1015 VX Amsterdam
Amsterdam city center. Easily accessible by public transport.


This conversation course builds on the familiar topics, vocabulary and structures previously covered at the L1 course. That way, you can fully focus on re-activating and consolidating what you previously learned or missed to learn. By primarily improving your speaking skill, the goal is to reach the L1+ by the end of the course and have a solid base for the L2 course. There is special attention devoted to routines, fluency, reaction times, pronunciation and vocabulary during this course.


The content depends on the proficiency level. Read more about the levels.

Entry requirements

To be able to demonstrate knowledge of Dutch language at CEFR A1- level. In case that you have not attended a course with TaalBoost previously, you will be invited for a free intake at TaalBoost after you register for the course.


The materials are provided by the teachers.

Group size

At least 5 participants, up to 12 participants.

Course fee

€ 249,- for 15 teaching hours.

The course fee includes
15 hours of relevant, informative and engaging Dutch language lessons;
Additional materials administered during the lessons;
A graded written test at the last lesson;
A certificate of attendance - when you attend minimally 85% of the lessons;
Coffee/tea during the breaks.

After your submitted registration has been confirmed by e-mail, you will receive the invoice.
The invoice is transferred by the course participant before the course starts.

Would you rather attend a Dutch language course as an evening course, intensive course or as a Saturday course? Check out other TaalBoost course options as well!

TaalBoost Courses

Beginners Evening Courses
Monday and Wednesday 18.15-20.45
Course duration: 30 hours / 6 weeks
Course fee: €499,-
Start: October 28th

ReCap Conversation Course (A1+)
Thursday 18.15-20.45
Course duration: 15 hours / 6 weeks
Course fee: €249,-
Start: October 31st

Intermediate/Advanced Evening Courses
Tuesday and Thursday 18.15-20.45
Course duration: 30 hours / 6 weeks
Course fee: €499,-
Start: October 29th

Beginners Intensive Courses
Monday to Friday 9.00-14.30
and Saturday 10.00-15.30
Course duration: 30 hours / 6 days
Course fee: €499,-
Start: November 4th (L1)
/ October 21st (L2)

Beginners Saturday Courses
Saturday 10.00-13.00
Course duration: 30 hours / 10 weeks
Course fee: €499,-
Start: January 18

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