Subordinate Conjunctions in Dutch [Infographic]

This past weekend really felt like summer has finally arrived to Amsterdam. Except that it is today Monday and that the summer is already gone (again). Since letting go of the summery vibe is the last thing I want to do today, I made this summery infographic with the (most) Dutch subordinate conjunctions. You know, the links between sentences that cause much cognitive effort and headache for people who learn Dutch, as you need to make sure to put the verb at the end of the sentence when you use them. So putting the conjunctions in a summery context was meant as a way to alleviate the difficulty of the subject - and not ruin the summer vibe, haha.

My favourite summer fruit (or is it a vegetable?) is watermelon, which is the theme of the infographic. All sentences start with the main clause Ik eet watermeloen..., followed by a subordinate conjunction and a sentence that makes sense in that context. Mind the position of the verb in the sentences after the conjunctions - they all go to the end of the sentence.

This can be a great exercise for you as well. Pick a main sentence to start with - the more general the better - and build from there. We would love you read your sentences in the comments at the bottom of this page.

Or join us for a language course at TaalBoost. We start gradually using subordinate conjunctions from Level 1 already, although they are covered in much more detail at Level 3

Happy conjuncting!

Mirko CvetkovicComment