How to like things in Dutch

When we learn a new language, we often talk about the things that we like or dislike, especially in the early learning stages. The Dutch language does not use one word for "to like" like English, but rather two words. ("lijken" in Dutch means "to look like") The right combination is "leuk vinden", that literally translates more closely to "to find appealing":

Ik vind de Nederlandse taal leuk.
I like the Dutch language.

(Even the Facebook like button is in the Dutch version spelled as "vind-ik-leuk".)

You can be further creative with your word choice and substitute the word "leuk" with any other adjective, depending on the context and what you want to say:

Ik vind appels lekker.
I like apples. (They are tasty)

Ze vindt files vervelend.
She doesn't like traffic jams. (They are annoying)

We vinden Amsterdam geweldig.
We really like Amsterdam. (It is amazing)

Pretty neat, right?

This way you can practice with different nouns and adjectives that you know by now, or exercise new words. And if you want to use a whole sentence, be sure to include the (annoying) small words "het", "om" and "te".

Ik vind het leuk om Nederlands te leren.
I like to learn Dutch.

Which examples did you think of? Share them with us in the comments.

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